Extrication Call

On Friday evening, January 20th, the volunteers were summoned for an Extrication Call at the corner of Spruce Street and Greenbush. Upon signing in, 44 Control broadcast that a vehicle had left the road and entered into the stream. Then came the words no one wants to hear “and the person was still in the car.” Chief Neil Lynady immediately called for the Piermont Fire Departments Underwater Dive Team – thus saving precious minutes if needed. Fortunately they were not needed. One vehicle had left the roadway about 100 feet short of the intersection and entered the stream. The vehicle was still upright and the volunteers only had to pop open the drivers side door and assist the gentleman back to the roadway. Thankfully he was not hurt but EMS was on the scene in the event he was.

  • 11-1 Chief Neil Lynady
  • 11-3 Assistant Chief Pete Byrne
  • 11-2000
  • 11-1750
  • 11-EQ
  • Piermont Dive Team
  • Orangetown Police
  • South Orangetown Ambulance Corp
  • Rockland Paramedic Services
  • Orange & Rockland Utilities (Electric)