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Saturday, October 08, 2016

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Sunday, August 14, 2016
Early Sunday morning the volunteer firefighters were called out to their own firehouse.  Dispatch informed Chief Cornelius Lynady they were receiving a alarm from the basement area of the firehouse.  Upon entering the stairwell for the basement with Ex-chief / Chairman of the Board of Fire Commissioners, Kenneth Gordon,  Chief Lynady encountered a heavy smoke condition.
Immediately evacuating the area Chief Lynady notified dispatch and requested additional help from the Tappan and Blauvelt fire departments.  He also instructed Gordon and several arriving firefighters to start removing the fire engines from the building.
After several tense minutes the crew from the 11-1750 found the source of the fire - the transformer for our Solar Panel System (pictured).  
The area of the firehouse had lost power (Firehouse, Police Station and Town Hall) and a malfunction occurred with the transformer once our generator started up.  Sunday we had our electrician onsite and we are contacting the solar panel company to determine the cause and to correct the problem.  O&R had the firehouse and police station energized around noon on Sunday and we are back on the electric grid.
We are thankful for the smoke detectors as they alerted us to a problem in the early stages - cannot overemphasize how important smoke detectors are.  Good housekeeping also played a roll as that area of the basement is kept clear in the event something like this occurred.  We are also grateful to our volunteers who responded quickly and controlled the situation before it became much worse.  And we cannot say enough good things about our friends from the Blauvelt and Tappan volunteer fire departments.
During this incident Orangeburg had received another alarm for a CO Detector activation on Greywood Drive.  Tappan responded to this call while Blauvelt stood by in the event of another fire call. 
11-1 Chief Cornelius Lynady
11-2 Asst Chief Chris Jackson
11-3 Asst Chief Pete Byrne
11-2000, 11-1750, 11-Tower, 11-EQ, 11-Patrol
and the GEM cars
Blauvelt Vol Fire Company
Tappan Volunteer Fire Department
South Orangetown Ambulance Corp.
Orangetown Fire Inspector Mike Bettmann
RC Deputy Fire Coordinators Drescher, Daly and Simms

Department Stats
2012 294 10,664
2013 252 9,508
 2014 268 7,754
 2015 344   6,247
34 818
 Feb-16 28 575
 Mar-16 16 587
 Apr-16 21 569 
 May-16 17 912
Jun-16 20 1,806
 Jul-16 33 861
Aug-16 23  680
Sept-16 23  2,287
YTD Total
215 9,095

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